Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been thinking and thinking lately with all the trouble in Japan about an article I read years ago about snow storms. I know - you are all thinking what does a earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe have to do with snow storms. Let me enlighten you!

The article was written by a local columnist who said that everytime Ohio got slammed with a snow storm that he got phone calls from all his friends in Florida who laughed at us for getting a billion inches of snow dumped on us. No one ever calls people in the middle of a hurricane to laugh at them because the wind is blowing. But with snow storms, people point their nobby fingers and chuckle at our misfortune. The columnist went on to say, let them laugh. Because if he had a choice he would take a snow storm over a hurricane any day of the week. I think most of us would agree. The reason being is that snow storms for the most part are gentle. Yes, snow piles up around us and driving is treacherous for a day or two, but usually little damage is done.

I was thinking that trials in life can be compared to earthquake,tsunami,nuclear meltdown and hurricace type of trials and snow storm trials. The former being hard and devastating, easy for all to see and no one ever laughs at. I would no more think lightly of what the Japanese are facing today than I would of a person who has just lost a beloved child, spouse or parent. I would no more trade my own trials for those that the Japanese are facing than I would to that person who has lost a loved one. I know my day is coming for those kind of trials. No one escapes this life without some tragedy - it's just the way life is.

But most trials, I believe are like snow storms. They are gentle in nature, but never the less troublesome. They are a big event for a day or two but melt easily when the sun comes out. What I think gets missed is, that we all struggle with snow storms and sometimes, they can be devastating. Snow storms are cold and solitary. Everyone bunkers down and keeps to themselves. People who are struggling with snow storm trials often keep to themselves, unwilling to trouble others with their problems. People struggling with snow storms often appear not to be struggling at all (hence the phone calls from Florida). But those same people can feel isolated and cold. They made need help digging out.

I in no way mean to make light of the trials that come in the form of an earthquake or tornado or hurricane. But I think it's important not to underestimate the severity of a snow storm. It's easy to look at the harsher trials and be thankful that we are not suffering through that. It's not quite as easy to spot those who may be under a foot of snow.

I am thankful that whether the earth is shaking beneath me or I am hunkered down for a winter blast that the Savior knows both kinds of trials and has overcome them all. I have lately been enamored with the scripture from 2 Corinthians in chapter 12 verse 10. In the verse 9, Paul says he glories in infirmities. Why would he do that? So that the power of Christ may rest upon him. Then in verse 10 he says, For when he is weak, then is he strong. I want to think that I can glory in my infirmities too. That when I am weak, with Christ I am really very strong.


  1. Thanks mom!! I really appreciated this perspective on trials, and can definately relate. I am glad you are so wise :)... really!

  2. I agree! I was talking with a friend today about the truth "we are only asked to bare what we can handle" and she mentioned, the thing being that we are all much more capable than we give ourselves credit, especially when we turn to the Lord. Whether the refiner's current choice of fire is a snow storm or tsunami, He makes sure we get what we can handle, and apparently what we need. Whether we like it or not :)