Wednesday, March 30, 2011


At the Wellness center where I excercise I see lots of people over and over again. I don't know their names. I don't know how old they are (Although sometimes I try to guess) or where they come from. Most of us are there to excercise and then go home. We keep to ourselves, not neccessarily because we are unfriendly, but because we are in a hurry. There is one exception to that rule - an employee - a woman whose job it is to wash and fold the gazillion towels that are used every day at the gym. I've noticed in the past that many people seem to know her. She smiles and wishes everyone a happy day and is rewarded with similar well wishes.

Today, after forty minutes on an eliptical, I dropped off a sweaty towel in the bin just as this woman placed another stack of clean towels on the shelf. I made a comment to her about her never-ending job, thinking of my own laundry waiting for me at home. She responded in kind and then wished me a nice day.

I followed her from the women's locker room out to the entrance and noticed that everyone she came in contact with, male or female, said hello to her. Some called her by name. Some just smiled and said hi. Some asked her questions about a family member. It was as if everyone knew her. I couldn't help but smile as I walked behind her and listened to all the greetings. This woman might have what appears to be a pretty dull and meaningless job. (Except I for one really appreciate the clean towels when I excercise.) But for as unchallenging as her job might appear, I think she must enjoy her work very much. How could you not, when you have all those friends?

There are other people who work the same job, but I never noticed them smiling or wishing the members a good day. And they certainly reap what they sow. I never noticed anyone wishing them a pleasant day.

I decided as I walked to the car that I want some of that good karma. I want to walk through a room, whether it be at one of the schools my kids attend, or at church, or at the excercise club, and smile, say hello and wish everyone a good day. I might not use those exact words. I might not even be able to say the words out loud. But I will extend the wishes anyway. And then I will sit back and see what comes my way. I will keep you posted on how it works!

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